Moirai Orthopaedics

The Pyrocarbon Implant Replacement (PIR) system is intended to treat symptomatic cartilage defects of the anterior or central medial femoral condyle and the patello-femoral joint. The Pyrocarbon articular resurfacing implant is a single component that consists of an anatomic articular surface cap with bone-contacting surfaces coated with hydroxylapatite (HA) for fixation. For more information, please contact our Director of Business Development Samantha L. Salkeld, M.S. at

Tissue Preservation
  • Retention of normal bone and cartilage
  • Repairs only diseased area
  • Does not compromise future reconstructive options

Superior Anatomical and Functional Result
  • Superior biomaterial (Pyrocarbon)
  • Reconstitutes normal anatomy
  • Re-establishes normal joint congruity and motion

Surgical Procedure
  • Minimally invasive, small incision
  • Possible arthroscopic placement
  • Precise instrumentation

Cost-Effective Care
  • Reduced rehabilitation
  • Shorter operative time
  • Outpatient surgery